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The data revolution triggered by the ever-increasing availability of more-or-less structured data from varying sources can be governed by tools that allow for its harmonization, interconnection, interpretation and use to extract cognitive and economic value.
Stat4Value represents a highly scientific strategic partner for the customized development of software solutions capable of managing, harmonizing and analyzing your business data, allowing it to prosper and be competitive.


Our proposal is a software platform with highly modular web-based architecture, capable of integration with company systems, and with data collection from desktop or mobile apps, APIs or the IoT.

Software platform: DataMIND

For your business, Stat4Value develops the modular software platform DataMIND (Data Modular INtegration Driver) customized to your requirements, and includes diversified modules to collect and systematically manage data and big data, and to process it using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning technology.


A set of interconnected, independent modules to provide a unique, integrated product

Experimental design and analysis

Design of Experiment (DoE) techniques will be implemented to support the identification of suitable designs and manage data sampling.

Traditional and machine learning methods will be suggested to analyze the collected data and provide an overview of the factors with the greatest impact on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of interest.

Finding a product’s optimal configuration

Following on from the implementation of experiments designed using DoE techniques, this analysis exploits datasets holding information on the composition of various products and their associated performances.

Machine learning techniques (e.g. regression or classification models) and appropriate optimization algorithms (e.g. Sequential Quadratic Programming, Augmented Lagrangian and many others) can identify the optimal configurations of a product that optimize the performances of interest.

Performance analysis of multiple products using permutation methods

Appropriate permutation tests can be implemented to provide a robust, global ranking of the products of interest, ordering the latter according to their performance (measured by a certain number of KPIs), considering the significance of the observed differences.

Cluster analysis for market segmentation

Clustering algorithms are applied to identify groups of similar statistical units.

Once data concerning your customers has been collected, for example by means of questionnaires, using these techniques will make it possible to identify different market segments for which in-depth descriptions will then be provided using graphs, descriptive statistics and CUB models (i.e. models which allow a KPI to be broken down into two components: uncertainty of the response process and feelings towards the considered object).

Research and Academic know-how

Stat4Value provides high-level scientific support for the development of applications capable of managing, harmonizing and analyzing data in an intuitive and perfectly customized way based on the user’s specific requirements.

Easy Setup

A solution suited to your needs

The web user interface is designed to guarantee ease of use on any device, greater customization of visual features for data entry, management and analysis, and a drastic reduction in times required to install updates or change settings in comparison to desktop products.

Ease of use

Suitability for any device


Real-time update management


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